Writing Tricks Finding Inspiration Outside the Norm

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is coming up with an idea. Actually, I’d argue this is the hardest part of the writing process. Of course, there are times where ideas and article topics are just flowing from our fingertips left and right, but for the most part this is where I struggle most. Coming up with a truly interesting, exciting, and unique idea for the internet is no small feat. As bloggers our goal is to create something new, with a fresh outlook that is engaging. But, with so many blog throughout the web and so many articles being published every minute, creating something truly unique can be a really daunting task. This is part of what makes blogging really wonderful and part of what makes it a total pain in the butt. For some truly inspiring new ideas try these out of the box brainstorming venues. Take a Class or Two As online degrees and online learning become more and more popular throughout the web, online resources for education are cropping up everywhere. Open courseware opportunities are being offered by some of the best and most highly regarded universities in the country Stanford, MIT, Notre Dame). These classes are openly available online and are totally free to anyone who would like to take them. For writers, this is an invaluable source for ideas and inspiration. Take a class in American History for inspiration, or medicine to study the human body-any of these courses might ignite a new idea or line of thought. These classes are completed totally on your own time, making them wonderful free resources. Writers can also check out the actual writing and literature courses available through various open courseware initiatives. Check Out Other Genres Looking to genres of work and writing outside of your usual “box” can always be inspiring. If you are trying to come up with a blog post idea for your blog on writing, try looking through other genres of blogs. Don’t just frequent blogs and material that are concerned with writing. Explore other topics and see if they inspire some new idea for your own writing. By reading through other blogs around the web, you may find writing tip ideas just by seeing different approaches to blog writing. Take things a step further and go even more outside your genre comfort zone. Try watching movies, documentaries, or shows that might inspire some sort of writing topic. I find watching documentaries on writers or famous authors can be truly inspiring. That being said, shows or movies that follow inspiring individuals can always spark some fun and unique ideas. Take a Break While this can certainly get even the most dedicated of writers into trouble, sometimes all we need is a little break from the writing world, if we want to find some inspiration. Step back. Look away. And take a breather. I find that I often come up with my most well thought out and fully formed ideas when I am away from my computer and not thinking about my next article. Sometimes it just takes a new experience or different environment to encourage that creative flow. If you find yourself really stuck and sitting at your computer staring at your screen for ideas, try standing up and walking away. Go for a run or go out to eat somewhere new. Finding inspiration is all about creating inspiring moments.

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