How To Have The Blog X-Factor

We’ve all come across personal blogs that rant and rave even if it was just about donuts, travel blogs that went-there-had-fun-went-home and tutorial blogs that lay step-by-step instructions as if it came from an IKEA box. Bloggers can cover the same topics but not everybody gets the same amount of attention from readers each day. What gives a blog its upper-hand appeal? We can call it the blog ‘x-factor’. Much like a performer who deserves a standing ovation, blogs can also have this quality. Here are 5 things you can do to make your blog noteworthy: 1. Give the blog its own voice. Just like famous authors, bloggers can also have their own signature voice. Do you have a distinct voice when you write? Do you think your blog could use a better voice? Each blogger must find his voice. There are blogs that sound like your friend, others may sound like your teacher, your parent or the librarian. Write as as if you are personally speaking to your reader – it will surely bring out your natural voice. The blog will sound more natural that way. Readers respond well to sincere writing. It shows the real side of the blogger. Try to do your own thing, not just imitate others, because their style might not be the best for you. 2. Inject humor. Blogs mostly contain personal accounts and views which are very much different from newspaper or fiction reads. But even a detailed explanation of how you converted your gas guzzling car to run on water may not entice readers to finish your piece. To be memorable, a blogger must do something outrageous or be a satisfying read. Humorous pieces are guaranteed to be memorable. Throw in some punchlines and share funny anecdotes to your readers. You can also share images that made you laugh. 3. Create your own twist. Innovate the way you present your story. This technique also improves the blog’s character. Forget about the timeline approach to the story. Use your creativity and practice your storytelling skills to come up with a different twist to an ordinary story. If you’re covering a general topic, don’t forget to add your personal input to make the piece yours. Tell your story in such a way that your audience would feel exactly as how you felt in the narrative. You don’t need to memorize your thesaurus to get your audience’s attention, just write from your heart. Many times, it pays to be bold by using unconventional ways of writing. I’ve seen bloggers post open letters (some real, some fiction), mystery posts, backward chronology of events and even misleading introductions. Those kinds of creative storytelling are worth following. 4. Flaunt your best shots. Blogging to photography is like coffee to milk. A blog is lifeless and boring without photos. Everybody can take photos, even kids! There are blogs out there that make it even with just a cellphone-camera. The important thing is to have relevant images with the text. Tutorial posts are more easier to follow when step-by-step images are presented. 5. Write for your audience. Some people blog as a hobby, others intend to turn their blogs into a money making machine. No matter what it is, always be true to yourself and your audience. As a blog becomes well-known, more offers for advertising, guest posts and sponsored posts arrive. To keep your blog up to par, make sure only quality articles, advertisements make it to your blog. By this time you would also be touching base with the department of SEO (search engine optimization). There may be SEO guides that would teach you how to write for search engines. It’s not really a bad thing as long as you don’t overdo it. A literature degree is not necessary to have a noteworthy blog. The blogger’s authenticity and creativity shines when a blog stands out. Learn how to start a blog, get people to read and share your blog, and make money from blogging with a step-by-step tutorial at Copyright © 2012

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