Colour Therapy And Aura Readings

Words are hard to define, imagine trying to explain to a being from another plant what the word colour means, not what it is, but what it means. A dictionary meaning of the word colour is: “the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined by hue….and brightness”. Simply put though, colour is light at differing frequencies and wavelengths and light of course is energy.
Colour to me is important. My sister-in-law recently complained to me that I wear too much black. She’s right I do, but I like it, it is a comfort colour to me. Perhaps I use it to get lost in, I know recently when I was weight-conscious it did a good job of hiding bits of me that I didn’t want seen. Occasionally however I will wear bright colours, in an effort perhaps to be heard?
Colour can be applied to many things, skin, hair, thoughts, words to name a few. What then can colour do on a positive note for you? Within our etheric body, that is the double of our physical body that sits just in the ether. There can be found our chakras, these are the wheels of energy that ‘feed’ our aura. When teaching or healing, there are 7 main chakras. These chakras have colours assigned to them, from the bottom up they are. Red (base), orange (naval), yellow (solar plexus), green/pink (heart), blue (throat/thymus), indigo (third eye/brow) and violet/white (crown).
Subsequently our aura is full of colour. When we are feeling our best it should be radiant and bright, when we are insecure, or sad it will diminish somewhat and reflect our inner feelings. It is possible to do distance/remote aura readings in order to ‘prescribe’ some positive colours or action that can be taken to remedy the more muted colours.
Aura readings can also be used in psychic readings to encourage ideas and pathways that are right for you and to acknowledge that which has passed out of your life. So, this morning in your texts or caller comments, you can tell me what colour is on your mind and I will tune in and see what it means for you. Or ask me for a distant aura reading and I will let you know what your focus or plan for the moment should be.

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