Angel Readings

Angel Card Readings are a different type of card from the tarot card. The type of angel card deck is just what is preferred by the reader. There are all types and it just depends on who the cards choose to go home with. Some cards have the entire meaning printed on them and others have just a few words and the reader has to go to a reference sheet for the meaning. When the cards are first taken home it is best to put them close to your heart to get attuned to the deck. You have an energy that makes a bond between the reader and the cards. It is just what you need to do to keep the cards in your aura. The more you use them the more it will become one with you. Take the deck and take each card in your hand. The angel cards are used with the power that you have connected to them. Do some readings for yourself a few times to get used to what they say. You should be able to get some form of guidance with this deck of cards. Remember that you have picked the deck and it is part of you. There are a few ways to do a reading for other people. If the deck has the meaning printed on it that is pretty much what the meaning says. You can always expand on the meaning if you are asked. There are also decks that have a partial meaning and it comes with a booklet that gives you the meaning. If you feel that there is something be sure that it is known also. Angel card reading is one of the least understood readings there is. Most people have never heard of this type of reading. The reading comes from the angels. If you have studied any psychic thing you believe in power greater that ourselves. It is not just what we produce but what the whole universe produces. I have been studying things for a while now and I find that I can’t change things but I can be aware of things to happen in the future. Everyone has a guardian angel and no two are the same. I haven’t asked but if he wants me to know he will give me his name. Angel card readings are an extension of this. Remember to dedicate the cards to whoever the reading is for. That brings it on a more personal level and can mean a truer reading. This is one type of reading that you can do for yourself. Most things a self-explanatory. There are different spreads that you can use to get a different reading. Angel card readings can be fun and entertaining. Just don’t take things too seriously. All you have to do is remember the reading and be aware.

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