Improving First Impressions – How to Develop a Better Personality

Self Improvement by Developing a Good Personality Does a good personality really help in first impression? Yes, of course it does help. What does it means when we say that someone has a good personality? It simply means that they are pleasant and amiable to be with and they have this energy force that will attract you. Have you encountered one before? In contrast, have you met someone that you will shun off at the time you see him? This is the magic of developing a better personality and it is critical to your success and happiness in our life. Since there is limitation to enhancing our looks, we should start exploring deeper into our inner self to improve our personality to the fullest. 6 Empowering ways or techniques to improve personality 1. Read more and share The more you read and learn new things; you will look more appealing to other. By sharing and putting value into other people, it definitely attracts other to associate with you more. 2. Have a positive attitude Always have a positive attitude and be the type of person who brings light to wherever you go with your energy. Do it by employing the GST (Greet, Smile and Thank) technique and also look into the good of others, rather than focusing on their bad points. Always put this point in mind, “Who wants to be around with someone who is always full of complains, surrounded by negative aura, no value in whatever they share?” So we must be the one who have none of these elements as people like to minger with positive thinker. 3. Care for Others Caring and supportive is definitely one of the critical factors that you must cultivate into your personality. We must learn to be the pillar of support for people in need and be someone who is encouraging to pick people up when they are down. 4. Be true and respect others Who will like to be connected to a liar? Of course no one, so we must always treat people with a genuine heart and show respect for others, as well as yourself. 5. Learn to be a better listener We must always open our ear to listen to others opinions and make them feel that they are important by making eye contact. 6. No one is perfect This includes you! If we are too hard to ourselves or others, we can often create more harm than good. One’s personality is the outcome of his experience and the result of his responses to the happenings of life as they come and go. Do not get upset or give up if you face anything upsetting in your life. Developing a better personality is not a one day activity. It takes time depending on our commitment and most importantly is to take the first step out.

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