Tips to Obtain Workers’ Compensation For Workplace Violence

Did you know workplace violence is an act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behaviour that occurs at the work site? Reports also say that these acts are committed by persons who have no legitimate reason to be there, with no relationship to the employer or employees. Many instances of workplace violence are also committed by upset clients or customers, students or patients. If a worker is injured while they are in the workplace, then they might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Positions that carry a greater risk are those occupations where a worker: Is responsible for money Works with dangerous or unstable groups Works in isolation Provides a service Works where alcohol is dispensed Works at more dangerous times or in areas that have a high crime rate One must understand that every form of workplace violence allows you access to workers’ compensation, though you should always consult with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Perth if you are unsure. If you are filing for a compensation, then you must be able to demonstrate that the violence you suffered was work-related. If the violent incident or threat of violence occurred in the context of a relationship between two co-workers or a superior and a subordinate employee, workers’ comp may be an option, as well as in cases of workplace violence involving service recipients. Tips to Apply for Workers Compensation for Injuries Sustained by Workplace Violence Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries sustained by workplace violence Obtain the official documentation of the harm done Analyse the amount of cost spent Communicate with your employer about the injuries and how they came about Do all the above things as soon as possible but no later than 30 days after the incident. Criminal injury lawyers in Perth or hiring a personal injury law firm in Perth can also help you in this regard. They guide you throughout the process of applying worker’s compensation and ensure that you are treated fairly. Many employers are hesitant to give their employees the compensation they need, even when it is apparent that the injuries and expenses occurred because of a co-worker, customer, or job-related duty.

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