Do You Really Need a DUI Lawyer?

0.08% BAC varies from person to person and everyone is different. Your metabolism, your age, whether you have eaten and when you last drank will all have an impact on your blood alcohol content. This is why some people can have two glasses of wine at dinner or two beers with the boys before heading home and others can’t even have one glass of wine or one beer and they are over the limit. It’s important to know what your limit is, because it’s easy to go over without knowing and find yourself in a nasty situation. In the United States being over the legal limit of 0.08% BAC is a crime in every state in the country, which means you are going to find yourself in criminal court. For this reason, you do need a DUI lawyer who knows the law, has experience with DUI cases and knows how the system works in the local court rooms. Most DUI lawyers provide all clients with a free initial consultation. Take advantage of this and get the legal advise you need. If you have been released on bail, your first order of business should be to go online, find a reputable and reliable DUI lawyer in your area and make an appointment at the soonest possible date. Have a list of questions ready that you want to ask, so you can get all the relevant information you need to help you prepare for the case and the outcome. In addition to this, you will find if this is your first offense, you will be given a plea offer. Now this plea offer may not be what you expected or your DUI lawyer feels that you have a strong case to win and therefore they can reduce the penalty that is brought against you. If the lawyer you have chosen knows the prosecution, then they may be able to arrange for the plea offer to be reduced based on the evidence that they have gathered to provide you with the representation you need. Now one of the most important things you will want to identify when facing DUI charges and deciding if you really need a DUI lawyer is choosing the right attorney to handle your case. The court can appoint an attorney for you or you can hire your own private DUI lawyer. This is a big decision and is often based on finances. A private lawyer may be more expensive, but you want to focus on finding a lawyer with extensive experience with DUI cases that is a member of the Bar and has a good success rate. If you are still wondering if you need a DUI lawyer, then know that if you have been offered a plea by the prosecution and you have turned it down, then your case is going to be heading to trial. In this instance you are going to want a DUI lawyer present. They gather all the evidence and put together winning opening and closing statements. The lawyer you choose that works in the area with extensive driving under the influence experience will know the local courts and how they operate, which can ensure the smooth flowing of your case as it proceeds forward to secure the final resolution. John R Grasso is an attorney admitted to practice in Rhode Island, Massachusetts. He is also admitted at the Federal District Courts. He is a member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court and has an experienced support team working alongside him to help focus on securing a resolution in the shortest period of time. John Grasso represents criminal defendants on misdemeanors and felony charges throughout the area. He handles a wide range of cases on a daily basis from domestic violence cases to immigration disputes and DUI cases to robbery and so much more. To find out more, visit

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