How to Become a Vegan – 4 Easy And Safe Steps

Welcome to this special guide on how to become vegan in an easy and safe way. If you are ” almost vegan ” or you want to get closer to the vegetarian world to feel better and healthier in a few lines we will explain 4 guided steps that allow you (even in just a few weeks) to easily adopt a healthy , tasty and balanced vegan diet . If you are reading our blog you will surely know that becoming a vegan is a great way to get health, beauty and weight . But often people are intimidated by this change, because after leaving the meat they find themselves lost and do not know how to proceed . Unfortunately there is still fear of running into nutritional deficiencies by making the vegan choice, not to mention the fact that we are all always very busy and in a hurry, with little or very little time to devote to shopping and cooking. Is it really that hard to become vegan? The answer is absolutely not … Indeed! I found myself facing an important change, reinventing ourselves from scratch, criticised by relatives and friends … The positive results in terms of well – being in our body (skin, intestine, digestion, energy) and in our mind (greater calm and empathy with animals and nature) have proved me right. Easy and safe transition with these 4 guided steps Having helped hundreds of people switch to vegan , I have identified 4 practical steps that can make the transition easier to your health and wellness goals. Know that you are not alone in this path of psycho-physical regeneration, many people are doing it following the blog of Nutrition Superior and we are happy to help you at best … STEP 1: PREPARE YOUR MIND You could probably take this step for granted and instead it is on the mind-emotion level that most of the transition to the vegan diet is played out . Changing diet involves so many aspects that are the basis of our life as: CHEMISTRY AND HORMONAL BALANCE OF THE BODY; EMOTIONAL ATTACKING TO THE OLD FOOD; SOCIAL LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS . As you can see, these are aspects that have great relevance and must be taken into consideration. It is important to first define your personal motivations and goals ; this will help you greatly to strengthen your determination and achieve the result you want. Let’s make a list below of all the positive things that can happen by adopting a balanced vegan diet: Solving disorders and preventing diseases ; Rediscover or maintain a healthy weight ; Develop lean mass (muscles); Keep yourself young and long; Increase the beauty of the skin and face ; Experience so much energy , good humour and energy-spiritual cleansing ; Changing is easy if you really want it. Many think that the vegan diet is slimming , and has no other advantages. The benefits of a balanced vegan diet, however, are certainly not limited there. Let me ask you some questions that you will give a personal answer: “How much do you care about your health?” “Do you really want to leave your destiny in the hands of a doctor who will prescribe stop-gap medicines and create a destructive domino effect , forcing you over time to take other medicines?” “Do you love yourself and your animal friends too ?” It would be very useful for you if you made your own personal list of the strongest motivations / goals that lead you to change your lifestyle: This list should always be kept in mind and at your fingertips, it will help you keep your motivation steady and achieve the most beautiful desires for yourself and others. It also works very well to remember the situations / diseases of the past, in this way the urge to eat badly disappears immediately, comes the awareness that I do not want to relive those situations for which food has made us suffer! How long should the transition take to become vegan? You have to get in deep contact with your body , where at some point he will make you avoid animal foods and various crap, because he will be used to being more detoxified and light and therefore the smell or the thought of old tastes will not will say nothing more. how to become vegan The transition in fact must be slow also with regards to the “drug” foods like sugar (which is gradually replaced with natural sweeteners; slowly remove the foods that contain sugar and replace with naturally sweet products such as dates, bananas, raisins, etc.). ). So at first we say a net no to too many limitations, but we do things gradually and sensitively (it’s like screwing a support screw too much: you risk ruining everything). STEP 2: FROM ONNIVOROUS TO VEGETARIAN Step 2 represents the real beginning of the transition to becoming vegan. Depending on where you are on your feeding path, you can start here or go directly to step 3, if you are already a vegetarian for some time. How to become a vegan? An important trick: “Veganise” your meals You can start by starting to ” veganise ” your meals, for example by replacing the meat sauce with a vegetable-based stew (soy or seitan) and trying various vegetable meats that are now available in major supermarkets and / or organic stores. This will allow you to get closer to the vegan breakfast and other vegan meals. I want to clarify that soy contains toxins and substances called “anti-nutrients”: for example a protease inhibitor , the enzyme that allows proteins to be digested; the ” phytates “, which block the assimilation of minerals, cause calcium and zinc deficiencies; lectins and saponins cause gastro-intestinal disorders. The thing is so well known in the farms, that to the cattle fed with soy panelle, the diet is enriched with the addition of minerals, vitamins and methionine , a special amino acid: otherwise the animals lose weight. Animal and human studies have shown that the soy-based diet causes serious thyroid disorders. In this first phase you can use meat substitutes and soy and seitan based (remember that up until some time ago you ate meat and chips at full speed), but it is a habit to leave early to adopt more natural solutions. Use the Veg-Burger How to become vegan without giving up taste and flavour? A healthy and natural alternative that greatly satisfies the palate are the veggie burgers . They are real burgers based on seeds / nuts / legumes / vegetables; comfortable and quick to prepare, they do not contain additives or preservatives, because you can prepare them at home and replace meat and fish perfectly, also in terms of taste and satisfaction of the palate. The veggie burgers have been a real trump card for our transition and that of many other people we have followed. STEP 3: FROM VEGETARIAN TO VEGAN In my experience , step 3 is the most important , because it is where you actually abandon every animal product from the diet, becoming vegan. I have noticed coaching with people in transition in these years, which is also the most difficult step. Here we take the decision to let go of the attachment to strong tastes of animal proteins and, above all, we must let go of dairy products and in particular cheeses. People often struggle to give up cheese ; we are often told that the flavor of parmesan, stringy mozzarella is lacking in the dishes and in particular they are unable to stay away from gorgonzola. These are feelings I felt when we passed the vegan several years ago … We have understood that to remain vegan , happy and satisfied, it is important to keep 2 fundamental factors in balance: How to replace dairy products In reality it would NOT even be correct to speak of replacement, because milk and cheese should NOT be replaced , but abandoned. The casein present in milk and the fermented and matured proteins in dairy products are the most harmful there can be, even more than meat. They create a perennial inflammatory state in the body and a Chinese medicine expert is able to recognise if you eat dairy products simply with a quick observation of your face, because for the body they are very difficult foods to eliminate. Give yourself a gift and get rid of milk and cheese from your diet, you can only gain health! If you have very little time and want to enjoy a vegetable cheese every now and then, there are many vegetable alternatives to cheeses, you can buy delicious ready-made veg-cheeses that won’t make you regret your vegan choice at all There is an even better alternative, which is to prepare your cheeses at home ; there are many truly rewarding and healthy variations … You can even prepare raw vegetables, without any type of additive, rennet, preservative; here we are at the top! How to replace eggs As for eggs, they should be avoided for some main reasons: They are extremely rich in saturated fat and cholesterol (220 mg per cholesterol egg); They contain hormones ; They are too rich in acidifying proteins ; Their production involves great suffering for chickens . Let’s say that the difficulty in replacing them does not derive so much from their taste, but rather because you may not know how to cook without them. STEP 4: BECOME A HEALTHY & HAPPY VEGAN Step 4 plans to start refining your vegan diet and there are some aspects that are fundamental: KNOW AND RESPECT FOOD COMBINATIONS ; REPLACE BREAD AND PASTA WITH CEREALS AND INTEGRAL FLOURS ; INSERT A GREATER QUANTITY OF RAW IN THE DIET ( ALKALINE VEGETABLE NUTRITION ). In fact, the path of psycho-physical regeneration really begins at this point . Once you have left animal foods behind you, you can start refining your new diet by following the 3 steps listed above. In fact, VEGAN IS NOT ALWAYS EQUAL TO HEALTH . We see too many vegans convinced that they are elected, safe from any disease, just because they do not eat animal protein. This is very far from the truth! The human body is actually designed to digest raw fruit and vegetables. This is his elective food; therefore the path to a higher health includes a gradual but inexorable increase in raw, natural, organic foods, to the detriment of processed foods. Vegan foods against industrial foods It is not necessary to be 100% raw food lists to stay healthy and healthy; everyone will find the amount of fruit and vegetables and natural foods suited to their needs; everyone will have different detoxification and regeneration goals. The point here is to make a correct and gradual transition to the vegan diet and then find the right balance between health and taste. From here you can enjoy life to the fullest of your potential, knowing that you nourish your body and your soul with the best, ethical and healthy material. for more details contact Shivani Sikri – Best dietician in India

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