Why is PrepSmarter the Best Preparation Tool for FRM Part I

I’m frequently asked – How does PrepSmarter compare to Schweser Qbank or Bionic Turtle and others? How is PrepSmarter better than others? Here’s my humble attempt at outlining the differences between our offering and other prep providers’. Most candidates fail not due to the quality of their prep material but due to lack of discipline and practice. When I was preparing for CFA and FRM exams, study materials were as good and innovative as they can be (short of downloading these modules right into the brain). What I missed was a system, which: helped me with discipline and practice, didn’t waste my time with either too easy or too difficult questions, kept track of my knowledge gaps, and automatically plugged those knowledge gaps. There was no such system on the market, which prompted us to build PrepSmarter – the most comprehensive and most advanced practice engine for these exams. Unlike other plain vanilla question banks, PrepSmarter is an adaptive practice platform. Considering another prep provider?Tell us here. PrepSmarter offers: Discipline: Daily alerts and practice questions, which disappear if not used. 2,900+ high-quality questions, which is more than any other prep provider. 8 full-length practice exams from now till Nov 2017 exam. Multi-dimensional Review – Filter questions from past daily practice sessions or full-length exams based on correctness, confidence level and topics. Create unlimited practice sessions or timed exams with filtered questions. Performance Metrics – A full featured analytics dashboard, which shows your practice history, streak, correctness, speed, and proficiency along with global proficiency down to the reading level. Adaptive Learning – This is where PrepSmarter really shines. Don’t waste time practicing easy questions or too difficult ones. This is a bigger problem in areas where you’re strong because most of the questions would then be too easy for you and you would end up wasting time on practicing stuff you already know. Confidence-based Learning: PrepSmarter knows when you guess and when you’re sure so it can dynamically assess your knowledge gaps and release practice questions accordingly to move you towards mastery. Spaced Reinforcement: We have translated the forgetting curve into sophisticated algorithms to present questions from topics that you haven’t practiced for some time and are about to forget. Global Contests: Practicing alone isn’t fun. Now you can compete in Global Contests – to see where you stand and to win exciting prizes, but most importantly, to practice more. PrepSmarter App is the highest rated and most downloaded app for FRM Part I. Our full-featured mobile app offers unlimited practice, full-length mock exams, multi-dimensional review and rich actionable insights. So that’s how PrepSmarter’s practice engine stacks up against it’s competitors’. PrepSmarter is all about more discipline and smarter practice.

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