The Importance of Trade Show Booth and Event Furniture Rentals

Spending for trade show booth rentals and event furniture rentals can boost your business, be it a startup, small, medium, or even large scale company. What is a Trade Show or Trade Fair? It is an event held where there are large spaces involved – normally inside malls or on its grounds – to bring together businesses or companies of a particular industry so they may display, demonstrate, or discuss their latest products and services. In large cities, convention centers created just for such events are also the normal venues and last several days. Smaller local trade shows may be held at a local shopping arcade or hotel. What goes on in trade shows? Be it a technology gadget show, car show, wedding fair, food industry trade shows, construction fair, or anything that involves a specific industry, you will always find the following: Exhibit space Presentations and workshops Opportunities to interact with the companies at their booths, as well as the media Networking events Private exhibitor events Awards presentations Thus, for your company to gain added exposure, being an exhibitor means having your own booth in order to connect with potential new customers, reinforcing relationships with distributors and dealers, and networking with the media, bloggers, and other influencers. The show also gives exhibitors the chance to introduce their latest products, existing ones, new and existing services, offer special “trade prices,” and to generally educate anyone within earshot about your contribution to the industry. What does it cost to be in a trade show? The cost to exhibit in a trade show may vary greatly, depending on the industry, but usually may run into thousands of dollars. Expenses may include, but are not limited to: Booth space rental Design and creation of a professional display space Shipping of booth and equipment Drayage – cost to unload booth and move into show space I & D – Installation and Dismantling Travel and accommodations for staff manning the booth Marketing materials specific to the event Samples or promotional items are given out to the public We Get It, So What is Event Furniture? Let’s say you’re hosting your own private exhibit or presentation at a trade show, or you have a special event to launch your startup company or a new product, but you don’t have enough furniture necessary for the event such as tables, chairs, soft seating, couches, etc., so this is where event furniture and decor rental comes in. Special events need hospitality furniture such as folding chairs, soft chairs, armchairs, stools, couches, as well as banquet furniture like tables, bar counters, drapes, proper lighting options, bar fridges, wastebaskets, TV or presentation stands, and signholders. You may even need coat racks, literature stands, stanchions for ropes and belts (for crowd control), easels, genies, ladders, poster boards, pedestals, registration counters, and table skirts. Have you noticed that some of the items mentioned for event contemporary furniture rentals may also be used for trade show furniture rentals? But the bottom line is that, whether it’s for a trade show booth or event furniture, most companies don’t have what has been previously mentioned, and so need to go into rentals to obtain them. Why Trade Show Booth Rentals and Event Furniture Rental is a Far Better Option You can easily change your booth branding, layout, or decoration Trade show decor rental and booth rental makes it easy should your business foresee branding changes, as well as the chance to use different graphics and layouts for different trade shows. You have flexibility even on a tight budget Imagine trying to be flexible on a tight budget when you have two trade shows to attend, spaced a week apart. You can have multiple booths at rental prices that are far better than buying two separate booths. Also, turnaround time would be easier to handle. You can be flexible with the floor plans If your company owns only one exhibit booth, it may be hard to adjust to different floor plans. Trade show booth rentals give you the option to reconfigure your booth to different floor plans. You can adjust event furniture rental needs if on a tight budget There are many things to think about when you need to rent event furniture for your special event. The most important is the budget. The budget is always the cornerstone of planning and very essential to ensure the event’s success, as well as focusing on needs rather than wants. You don’t need to worry about shipping, arrangement, and other nitty-gritty details since the event furniture rental Vancouver company will do everything for you. And event furniture rental ensures that you can keep costs down because you don’t have to permanently buy furniture and other pieces that you probably won’t need or never use in the future.

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