The Top Nine Car Terms You Don’t Know But Should

Being familiar with car parts and car terms in important for every regular car driver whether you have purchased car from Montclair auto car dealer or online. It will help you know which part has faltered and damaged and what could be the reason of breakdown of cars. It will also help you convey the problem in car to the car mechanic. Following are some car jargons and terms that are very useful to know to get by: Brake fluid Brake fluid is required to run brakes. Brake fluid is transferred to the brake pedals when pedals are pushed. If its runs bad or degraded, brakes could not be applied so it is necessary to keep the brake fluid in check. Engine cooling system The engine cooling system of vehicle keeps the engine cool by releasing surplus heat created by consumption of fuel. It also keeps the temperature sufficiently warm. If the engine cooling system is not working, the engine of vehicle could be damaged. Radiator Fan A radiator fan of vehicle pulls and pushes air through the radiator of Vehicle. Without a proper and fully functional radiator fan, radiator could not keep the engine cool and circulate the air and would result in over heating of engine. ABS (Anti-lock braking system) ABS is a braking system that helps avoid skidding while wheel rotation. It helps in an improved Vehicle control and prevents wheels from locking up. It helps you avoid accidents and should be a part of your vocabulary as well as vehicle. Montclair auto car dealer must be asked to equip cars with ABS (anti-lock braking system) to help in case of emergencies and unavoidable circumstances while driving. you should visit different websites before buying used cars or trucks. Ignition coil An ignition coil of car converts low voltage of battery into hundreds of volts. This number of volts is necessary to create electric spark required to ignite the car fuel. Faulty ignition coil causes engine issues or low mileage as well as less power. Bad spark plug and overload of voltage can cause an ignition coil to falter and must be checked before buying a car from Montclair auto car dealers. Shock Absorber The springs in shock absorber controls the movements of wheels of car. It absorbs the shock pulses by converting them into kinetic energy. Vibration while driving and leaking fuel could lead to a bad shock absorber and must be checked with mechanic if such symptoms arise. Oxygen Sensor Oxygen sensor, as name suggests is a device that is necessary to check presence of oxygen and if oxygen is present, it turns the engine check light to on. The trigger of oxygen sensor could be due to high pollution and combustion rate. Air filter Air filters are necessary to save car engine from dirt particles and bacteria in air. The air filters catches the polluted particles that enter through a/c or heat vents of car. Engine may misfire and car will smell of gasoline if you need to replace your air filters. Air filters should also be checked before buying a used car in Montclair from dealers.

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