Places to go With Your Car Trailer This Summer

If you own a box trailer capable of transporting a classic or vintage car, count yourself lucky as there are many great drives within the UK. As well as this, summer is just around the corner making it the perfect time to use commercial enclosed car trailers to visit these places. No matter how you want to plan your trips in commercial covered car trailers, whether with a sat nav or road map, the following should help you plan. Starting with Scotland, which is the best place for escapists, is home to the Isle of Arran Coastal Road. The 56 mile long road is perfect for getting out your box trailer, loaded with your favourite vintage or classic car. The road provides beautiful highlands and lowlands, along with stunning sea views for the entire length. If you’ve never heard of Arran, know it’s an island full of rich history, mystery and is particularly beautiful on a sunny day. It’s been known by other travellers, using commercial enclosed car trailers , to find a hint of the Mediterranean when coasting down the road. Just note you’ll need to get a ferry from Ardrossan on the mainland. Not too far south of Scotland is the Lake District, home to some of Britain’s best picturesque roads. It’s advised for those travelling on the roads from Eskdale toward Wrynose with a box trailer to be careful. As signs are present stating “narrow route” with difficult gradients. However, if you’re planning on using your vintage, sport or classic vehicle, you shouldn’t have much trouble driving along. Most drivers going along these roads suggest adjusting your motoring skills on the Wrynose Pass, before reaching the signs. Much further down south is Devon, recognised for the beautiful English coast. Whether you want to witness the sea, bays or cliffs this 120 mile long trip will provide for all three. Generally, those wanting to travel here in commercial covered car trailers will want to start at Topsham. Then to see the best of the route, you should follow the A379 which goes through Dawlish, Teignmouth and Shaldon Village leading to Torquay. For those open top motor car owners, take note of Dorset’s roads. It varies greatly as it features coastline, hills, empty roads and typical British villages. Those using commercial enclosed car trailers for travelling here will want to start at Swanage, using the A351 you should head north towards Corfe Castle, following down to the A352 which passes the Tank Museum. Continue on to Lulworth cove to witness its beauty. To finish suitably for sports car owners, the Cotswolds are perfect as the roads take commercial covered car trailers through old English villages. The trip is packed with 80 miles of fantastic views, bendy roads and quiet back roads. What’s great about this area is you can greatly vary your route and still enjoy the trip. Hopefully, covering the above has provided you with some good ideas for motoring trips around the country. Luckily, there are so many more and they’re all on your doorstep!

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