3 Ways to Maximize Your Photobooth Experience and Collect Plenty of Warm Memories

Photobooths are the newest addition to creating a fascinating ambience that matches your vibe and tribe! Whether it be your engagement, bridal or baby shower, wedding, anniversary party or birthday, you can build a well-decorated Photobooth to capture the precious moments. Although your hired decorators will lay out the trending designs and plans, you can input your ideas and creativity to give it a personalised look!

Some moments and events are priceless as we get to experience them only once. So, you should pour all your efforts into making it perfect! Here are three popular ways to maximise the Photobooth experience in every possible theme.

#1 Use Pictures On Cards & Backdrops

  • Use your personal pictures either on the backdrop or the cue cards you will be using to pose. For instance, if it is a bridal shower, you can use your couple pictures to dictate your love life to the world!
  • Make hashtag cue cards with your nicknames and family names on them.
  • Match the backdrop theme with the pictures you are choosing to make it look more natural.

#2 Utilise Props To Your Advantage

  • You can incorporate plenty of props to get different types of fun-filled pictures and memories.
  • Put a vehicle or a traditional phone booth setting near the backdrop.
  • Funky and oversized goggles, devil bands, hats, colourful wigs, etc., are perfect props for cocktail and bachelor parties.
  • You can use stuffed toys and cartoon characters as props for a baby shower. Similarly, bring in the best props that match the vibe and theme of the party.

#3 Give it A Costume Theme

  • Costume themes are funny, exciting and very personal when it comes to special events.
  • Ask your guests to wear costumes that will complement the setting of your Photobooth.
  • For instance, you can ask your friends to wear animal costumes for a jungle-based Photobooth for your next Halloween party!
  • Choose the costumes and their colours wisely. Anything on the brighter side might dull the impact of the backdrop in pictures.

Your experience in the Photobooth will be worth every penny you spend on it if your imagination is well-executed. Hire the best creators and decorators in town to let that happen. And the best does not mean “more money”. Click here for ideas http://www.simplysweethome.com/ and check out affordable options for your next Photobooth plans. Utilise the given ideas with the help of pocket-friendly decorators and photographers at your disposal!


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